Monday, 20 June 2011

#GRIME for the iPod

Over the last week two very noteworthy grime mixes have surfaced on the internet which offer a fairly accurate aural illustration of the current state of the scene in terms of those MC's and producers who are making the most noise.


The first of the mixes comes from The Pitch Controller's and Rinse Fm's very own JJ with a promotional mix comprised exclusively of Flava D vocals and instrumentals.

There's no denying that Flava D has become one of the most exciting and talked about grime producers in a fairly short period of time with an increasing amount of her productions being vocalled and being featured in radio sets.

Keep an eye out for her forthcoming releases over the next few months.

Download the mix HERE

Flava D on Twitter

JJ on Twitter


The second of the mixes comes from Nasty.FM's very own Selecta Fewie with Vol.4 of his 'Grime Ain't Dead' mix series.

Expect to hear a wide variety of some of the biggest grime vocals and instrumentals that are currently tearing up radio along with some very tight mixing.

Selecta Fewie Presents- Grime Aint Dead Vol4 by Selecta Fewie

Download HERE

Selecta Fewie on Twitter

Listen again to Selecta Fewie's midnight mix on Kiss 100 HERE

Catch Selecta Fewie live on Nasty.Fm every Thursday 6PM-8PM

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