Tuesday 4 May 2010

Rockers AW/10

This is ALL me...







Anonymous said...

Black people in Converse just don't work. Snoop Dog pulled it off but that was about it. STOP!

Roger said...

^^ brother, are you arseholed?, black folk started off originated from basketball, it was a cheap cool looking show that black hood kids used to wear, the ones who couldn't afford "sneakers"...


Anonymous said...

Roger Roger the fanny dodger...

Im not debating it, all Im saying is black people don't really pull converse off, just an observation.

And i beg you shut up... "black folk started it" actually Marquis Mills started it up!

Just for the record they actually started off making shoes for Tennis In 1912, it wasn't until 1917 when they started making shoes for basket ball you TOOL!

@OllieDanger said...

Your observation is blurred.

The crips and esse's own that look. Converse hasn't looked better on anyone in the history of that shoe.

Anonymous said...

Ollie, coming from you who styled not long back Vision Street wear, ha ha what a joke that was.

I noticed you'd failed badly by having that brair hold his board by the trucks.

Didn't you used to skate?

shouldn't you know that was a mistake?

Oh and the MHI was a flop, you had some weird looking students half naked in your shots, one with his top half on half off. GAY.

Go and hang around with black people, the guy in this shoot don't count, he's chichi.


@OllieDanger said...

I had the option of rejecting this comment but decided to publish.

You sound like the biggest fan boy ever. Do you check BNTL everyday?

Keep watching son.

Anonymous said...

This day i knew would come and with that the gift and the curse of Rockers doing a blackout.. i like but not from the groovy cats from NYC


Joe Blow

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this collection is poor, after one wash all this crisp black stuff will look scraggy and ill fitting.