Monday, 24 May 2010

Volvo - Subject 60 - Competition Map

This is BNTL's unique map with regards to the subject60 competition for background info just (click).

The map which shows the locations of BNTL's three exclusive hidden code cubes.
It also informs you by automatically updating whenever a user has found and registered one of our hidden cubes.

So to get started with the search, just follow the commencing instructions.

1. Go to ‘Click to Start Search’ on the map.
2. Download the LAYAR app to your Android Phone or iPhone 3GS.
3. Go to one of the three locations on the map. Open this link on your phone: to activate LAYAR (TIP – don’t forget to bookmark the link in LAYAR)
4. Start searching for the hidden cube.
5. Register the 6 digit code once you’ve found the hidden cube.

Each hidden cube / key looks like the picture below...

Picture 1

Good luck !

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