Wednesday, 20 May 2009


As far as retail spaces go during current times a lot are just pants, so when i heard a store had just opened which had involvement from Kate Moross I knew i was in for a treat and boy was I right.

Last week Monday saw the opening of the pop up boutique 143, spear headed by few of London's creatives, its a well put together spot.
I was highly impressed with the visuals and products on offer in the store.

For a quick round up on the store here's a snippet from there website

"143 is a shopping experiment in the heart of London’s Newburgh
quarter, for a two week period in May, featuring an edited selection of
exclusive product as chosen by cult sub-culture brand Silver Spoon
Attire, art directed by the rising star of the London creative scene, Kate
Moross, and supported by the iconic scene brand of the moment, Gio-
143 will be a fresh and visually stunning retail experience, showcasing
a range of international products available only on limited runs at the
143 location. Whilst the store will only handle globally exclusive
goods, it is essential to understand that these products are market
accessible to all consumer demographics."

I strongly advise you make the effort to get down there and take a look because its definitely a experience of which a lot of time and effort has been put into . . .
Oh, when you do go don't be a tight ass, purchase something as well, support your own.

Pictures just don't do the shop justice



There's a large selection of accessorize from sunglasses to earrings to "lego" pieces



Its also there mission to get you on a sugar rush and your teeth fucked (don't get it twisted you hungry bum, there not for free)


Garments from Gio-Gio (who partnered this project) and garments from various other mens and womens fashion designers.


Signed prints from the lady herself Kate Moross


HOLDTIGHT Damien, Kate and the other young momi (forgive me i forgot your name) and all others who were involved putting the shop together job well done.
& holdtight extended family member Agostinho who I caught wift of the store from him.

I left the store a happy boy, got a signed personalized screen print, some stickers, a raffle ticket and some sweets.
Customer service was great as well, I will definitely be returning to pick some other stuff up before it closes.


The store was schedule to open until the the 28th of May but fortunately they have extended it for a further 3 days till the 31st.

143 is located just off carnaby street (in one of those little ally ways) . . .

Carnaby Street
3 Lowndes Court


For more information on the shop just (click)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Anonymous said...

*gio goi

Anonymous said...


What Bapes are those? I may have to cop another pair

Anonymous said...

what just because lego copped some?
you are going to go and buy some?

you some lame ass beggit !

@misterlego said...

All White bapesta' . . .
My bad on the goi-gio il correct that

@misterlego said...

Lol Wrong again ^

Anonymous said...

YES lego!

More posts like this and your last!

Anonymous said...

in conjunction with gio-gio?
the people who do them fucked up tees?
thats a strange team-up???

Anonymous said...

why would you buy a pair of bapes?

Anonymous said...

fuck off you cunt just cus you can't afford to buy a pair of bapes

Anonymous said...

ps lego whats this about the metallic Bapesta Aoyama sneakers get on the case please

BF said...

"why would you buy a pair of bapes?"

coz stealing from DSM is hard.

Dont get crunchy coz you think Bape started and finished with Pharrell. your turrrd

lego is DAT GUY

Anonymous said...

bape is a load of bollox, always has been, nothing to do with pharrell

and the person who said theyre not affordable they only 150-200

anon said...

can't wait to get these