Saturday, 9 May 2009

New Canon T1i

Wuddup BNTL!

So been contemplating getting a DSLR with HD video, and finally settled down with this one last minute. I was pretty set on a nikon d90, then the new rebel came out, sold my old one for like $540 locally, put it forth this one which was $900, and I can say it was totally worth the upgrade. Sure, if i want HD video I should get a damn HD camera, but it's not even that serious. It's like, fuck it, why not get a dope upgrade. It's a little figgity considering the light weight on it. A steady cam or tripod would be nice to make some cool shorts.

Here are some of the videos i took, still trying to figure out how to upload it HD style, within time.. these are just little tests..

and some other random pics from these weeks.. also picked up a minolta point and shoot, its not too shabby..


Anonymous said...

you da truth koopa

Anonymous said...

this and you are amazing!