Thursday, 2 September 2010

Kostas Seremetis X Stussy

Every wardrobe needs a good varsity jacket, thats a fact. The varsity jacket is one of those pieces that can be rocked with pretty much any outfit. Its a garment that can be worn by any age group and on top of that the varsity jacket can be worn by both males and females alike (please note an ill fitting varsity on a girl is like a girl in heels she cant walk in (an ill fitting varsity full stop isn't the one)).

This Varsity jacket from Kostas Seremetis X Stussy is on point. Only a few company's can get away with this sort of branding, Supreme came out with that varsity a couple of seasons ago and it weren't quite right in my opinion. The colours and the branding just didn't come together. With a brand like Stussy they are known for their overuse of their logo. It wouldn't be Stussy if it werent loud and in your face. For me as well, a Stussy varsity was like the holy grail of streetwear before the garment got trendy again.

Thats why this varsity fully gets my vote...




Anyone know where the titles on the back are referenced from?

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