Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vinyl is Dead? Not according to Ramadanman

Hessle audio co-founder Ramandanman has launched a club night in Leeds where DJ's will only be allowed to use Vinyl, so no CD's, no Serato, just 100% wax.

With so many DJ's favouring Serato and CD's these days, whether its to save costs not cutting dubplates, travel or the fact a DJ can carry their entire record collection in their bag, many are leaving the traditional record at home.

Ramadanman (pictured below) intends to bring DJ's back to their roots and back to the warm sound of vinyl for his special night.
The club night called Acetate will be held at the Wire Club on Call Lane, Leeds. The first event will be on October 5 featuring Floating Points, Ramadanman himself and Hessle audio brother Ben UFO. Wire boasts a Funktion One sound system and a late licence so revellers will not be disappointed.

Future line up's are to include; Loefah, Elgato and Billy Banks, Ruf Dugs, Joy Orbison, Appleblim and a Ben UFO jungle set.

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Anonymous said...

Vinyl doesnt have a "Warm" sound. Its just uncompressed unlike mp3's or cd's.