Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nike - Lebron James

I really love this latest commercial from Nike with Labron James. It feels like an answer back to the press. I'm not sure what the relationship is like between the press and sports stars in the US but here in the UK its simply 'make them and break them'.

We are constantly fed false hope that we will win this and win that, we apply unmeasurable amount of pressure on our so called stars that it ends up crippling them. And when they don't perform and bring back the gold we are quick to jump on their backs.

It also annoys me when we expect all these stars to be role models...nah let them do what they do and make their mistakes like the rest of us. Who are we to judge.

If you're a fan or supporter sit down and support...I dont care for your analysis I only care for the entertainment. And if you write for the sports pages of The Sun or any other fictional newspaper then find a cliff and keep walking...


The video isn't the best production from Nike but the message is huge.


Anonymous said...

I think the sports journalists that write for tabloids like the Sun are more talented then you, you will never write for any publications bigger then “fictional newspapers”

Ollie Danger said...

^^^^^ He say's while reading my blog post.

Where and how did you work out I want to be a writer of any sorts?

If you aspire to write for The Sun then we cant help you're dead to us.

Anonymous said...

he's well fit. you are too hehehehehhehe

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ He say's while reading my blog post.

mostly matts photography actually