Thursday, 21 October 2010

UK Stand Up - Mobo Awards

Good to see people getting the recognition they deserve...


Anonymous said...

yeah, pop music... talking a load of shite that no man can relate 2.

Swear you was gunning for JLS the other day.

Fuck the glitz n the glammer.

* char man *

Anonymous said...

Mate they played at the mobos.
There black British mainstream musicians they're suppose to be there ! Nothing about recognition or deserving anything at all.
2 out the three make the cheesy girl music I ever heard in my life.
Now if it was Wiley, dirty goods or the newman generals then you have a good case but it's just a bunch of sell outs.

Note its ollie trying to jump on another wave trend allow it just be you.

Ollie Danger said...

If this was Jayz, P-Diddy and Drake you'd be dancing round your room. This is a tight performance on the big stage from UK artists who have been putting in the work. This aint a post about who deserves it the most.

My interests are clear to see so you should know what im about. You defo check in on a daily.

Anonymous said...

5 best rappers in UK? Nahhh.

Pro Green should take off the skinny jeans and go back to battling kids at Scala in a Rocawear hood.

Devlin has got grey hair man. He's like 22.

Tinie Tempah is and always will just be a Slew Dem Yunger. Wonder what Chronik and them man think of his gay flex.

Tinchy Stryder is the smallest rapper ever. How can he be taken seriously in a UK size 4.

Giggs is 'ard granted. But whats with the scarf and cardigan? Thought man was a dealer from Peckham? Plus he is 43 'bout time he blew.