Monday, 25 October 2010

Woolrich Woolen Mills Woodsman Shirt

I am often tempted by the idea of an over-shirt, but often I find the idea slightly too hard to fathom. I think this winter it may have to be something I commit to. Perfect with a 60/40 parka sitting on top on a cold, wet day, this Woolrich Woolen Mills woolen woodsman shirt would certainly fit the mould of what I expect on over-shirt to do for me. It is navy herringbone wool, which I have taken a particular likening to in recent weeks, and would suffice in the most arctic of weather which can be felt on this little isle. To appease heritage purists it is made in U.S.A and it is also fairly modestly priced, considering it is a piece of outerwear.

WWM Woodsman Shirt, $216 Available at Context

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