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Royal-T Interview for BNTL Part 2/2

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4)In addition to your production you have been getting numerous DJ bookings. What’s your view on the current situation of DJing and the slow demise of vinyl sales and releases?

Yeah I’ve really fell in love with DJ'ing. Seeing people really enjoy and dance to something which started simply from my Macbook in my bedroom is really rewarding and makes everything seem worthwhile.


I was sad to hear the demise of Technics not producing any 1210s now. I feel like that might have been one of the last nails in the coffin for vinyl DJ'ing. I do use Serato with vinyl. I have rarely even touched CDJs, it doesn't really feel organic to me. My friend once asked me what's the difference between CDJs and normal decks and I explained to him that it's basically the same jump from 'Manual' to an 'Automatic' Transmission in a Car. I have to say though; I was recently with Terror Danjah at a rave in Southampton he played at and he showed me 'Itch' by Serato which he uses to play out and it blew my mind.

It is really sad to see that the sales for vinyl are slowly fading. It was always a dream to have a release on wax and to see that it's no longer a strong format is quite sad to be honest. Producer's and DJ's all have to come to terms with this if they want their music to be successful though but for now I’m going to keep on releasing and playing on vinyl.

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5) Almost in the same way as the grime scene, the street wear scene is seeing an influx of new brands breaking through, which brands are you currently feeling?

It's nice to see all these independent designers getting customers and popularity just through promotion online now. I've received and bought some nice things from these brands lately -Treacle Clothing (, Dirrrteee ( and Inner City (


6)What’s your view on the current state of blogging and online promotion? Do you think we have gone past the ‘golden era?’

I think because it's become so easy to create a blog now and call yourself a blogger the whole of that side of things is in a transition stage. On one hand it has meant that really good quality stuff may just be ignored and fade away because everyone else is blogging too, but on the other hand the stuff that really needs to be seen or bloggers that naturally want to stand out, find a way to get noticed differently. I think it's just the general progression of the industry though, there'll be new formats for everyone to publish or read from in the coming years and we'll maybe be remembering the days of Tumblr, Wordpress etc as a thing of the past. As long as magazines/newspapers are still about till I’m dead, I don't mind. I need something to read on the bog every now and then.

7)Before we wrap things up are there any final shout outs or things we should know that we haven’t already covered?

It should be interesting going into 2011 with these 3 releases under my belt. I'm always looking to better myself though. I've got a few vocals lined up ready for the airwaves with some MCs already so look out for them in the usual places.

Right now I’m suffering from some sort of flu so I’m going to take these Benylin tablets, lie down, feel sorry for myself and play some Football Manager, tissue in hand (For sneezing into you sick fools!). But before that I just want to thank all the supporters and fans of my music and to all the DJs and artists helping me on way.
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Once again out to Royal-T for sorting us out with some great answers and insights!

Keep an eye out for the dates of his other forthcoming releases over the next few months

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