Thursday, 28 April 2011

English Frank - Puuurfect

Not seen anyone go in like this for a while...

Hold firm Gwarizm for landing this on my radar.


Anonymous said...

proper London cant knock the success of people like tinie tempah but dudes like this who are from the raw old skool underground scene put all the new skool heads to shame......and he's not even a certified rapper.

fuck the shiney exterior put over all the successful rappers in the uk...wretch,tinie,tinchy,pro green all of them even though it's their labels fault.

Rappers like this frank guy remind you of the true spirit of the's a shame all the successful ones completely lose their edge.

Anonymous said...

This guy used to be called frantic frank.....i bought a mix tape off him for 3 pounds at kung-fu at camden underworld back in had serious energy on it!