Sunday, 3 April 2011

FWD>> vs. Rinse @ Fabric

Fabric played host to the second FWD>> vs. Rinse instalment of 2011 last night, and as usual the line up was a sea of UK underground talent from past and present.

At 11 o'clock the queue was already a few hundred people deep and inside was a similar story, a very very busy night for Fabric. I got into the main room to catch half an hour of Spyro setting things up nicely for another big night...

Check out the whole set @ Wittsphotography

A massive thanks to Oli for the photopass.


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty good. Have not been to Fabric for while. Sinds moving from shoreditch to hammersmith I have missed out great nights like this. Should get back on track :-)
thx for sharing

Anonymous said...

What time was Korean on?

DubstepCreature said...

The worst FWD & Rinse i've attended at Fabric so far. I hope they keep "grime" seperate from other genres of music in the future or at the most confine it to Room 3.... This genre of music just seems to attract aggressive people who seem to have no intelligence or any intention of going out to enjoy themselves.
Boy Better Know in the main room was just a crowd full of plastic gangsters, it was embarrassment to the human race.