Monday, 2 April 2012

6876 x Rohan

By default a Northerner having been born in Manchester, I've always been into coats and outerwear. Whether it's Berghaus or North Force - any trip up north would always result in a quest to find the jackets I'd seen on my last visit to Maine Road.

Recently having worked on the launch of UVU a resurged love of performance outerwear has been ignited. I've been digging a little deeper into coats and jackets and I'm really feeling an old British classic in the name of Rohan. They've collaborated with 6876 on some shirts and other things for Spring Summer 12.



Although I'm a fan of that project, I'm much more excited by a bit of Wainwright chic like the Rohan elite jacket.


The technical trend is sure to surge over the next few seasons. with Folk stocking other specialist brands ar their Lambs Conduit Street store and Arc'teryx having become the jacket of choice for those in the know with large wallets for some time, it's starting to become more prominent. Even down to the likes of newbie Y'Oh exploring the silhouettes of technical outerwear in their first collection. Technical jackets and the like have never gone anywhere, but it's seeing a resurgence in part to the shift from heritage and companies like KTC beginning to push the boundaries of production. Expect to see a lot more beaded seams.

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