Monday, 2 April 2012

Rig Out V


I've mentioned the Rig Out previously. Launched a couple of weeks ago at the Ben Sherman store on Portobello It's finally here and available via their recently launched website. Less audacious in many respects to the previously large, obnoxious and incredibly difficult commute read of version 4. The Rig Out moves somewhat closer to the early versions and can fit in your bag.

I'm not one for hawty tawty fashion press, boring visuals of high-end catwalk brands lauded by the usual swamp-tom of Tumblr loving Dalstonites. The Rig Out is unpretentious, well shot and features the brands I wear and desire to own. It's basically fashion without the fashionistas. Put together by a group of blokes who are very much football and beer as oppose to the swan song of couture, they're about nice clothes and good design. This can be seen throughout the latest issue. It's worth picking up for sure.

While the Rig Out guys were in Tokyo they worked on a nice video for Rapha.


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