Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Gitman Brothers - SS/10

Gitman Bro's have gone back to their 1984 collection for inspiration to bring us their latest offerings. My picks of the collection...

Picture 1

Peep the whole collection HERE.


Anonymous said...

I love reading the blog but you can't post something like this after dissing other peoples fashion sense. I mean come on..these shirts are so tired and to me they sceam i'm from brick lane. Some people make it look effortless and thats why they have style but people like you are beggin to be from the hood. I grew up in the hood so i don't have to wear "street" style clothes to feel cool...i was born into it.

Ollie Danger said...

If you dont know the difference between these shirts and the ones that "sc[r]eam brick lane" then i'm not even going to waste my time. Get to know you fooool.