Wednesday 24 February 2010

K-Swiss - You Gotta Know Your Classics.

If theres a brand out there that need to fix up then that brand is definitely K-Swiss. This new campaign is a small step in the right direction...

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The You Gotta Know Your Classics campaign is, as far as global campaigns go, a low-key affair, created as a one-on-one conversation with the sneakerfreaks and designers who have admired The Classic over the years. In deference to their way of thinking, K-Swiss purposely avoided creating a tedious tome or overly designed catalogue like other shoe brands. Instead, K-Swiss narrated the history of The Classic on the back of these 8 limited-edition posters. The 8 designers in question hail from Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Seoul, Amsterdam and Oslo.

Each poster, printed double-sided, reveals a chapter in The Classic’s story on the back, and a graphic visualization of that story on the front. The chapter names, like ‘Blond on Blond’ and ‘We killed canvas. Sorry’ provide historic and cultural context to The Classic, while the handpicked designers were given free reign to interpret that story in contemporary ways. Each poster is a stand-alone illustration, underscoring the lack of hierarchy in The Classics’s story.

Only 400 copies of each poster have been printed, and K-Swiss is going to great pains to make sure that they land in the hands of the brand’s most loyal fans. The posters will be available for free from throughout the whole of March.

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