Thursday 25 February 2010

Nigel Cabourn Interview

Nigel Cabourn has been on top of his game for a while now, when I posted his AW/09 jacket on here last year he was only in a select few stores and not much press. Now every decent store and magazine are looking to feature his gear.

Specialist denim store Tenue de Nimes in France sent us this interview they did with Nigel Cabourn himself back in 2009.


From the interview you can see how thorough this guy is, his research methods are second to none and his passion is still evident....


Mr O said...

sick post bro

Mr O said...

sick post bro

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ollie, clearly it was your post from last year which has caused Cabourn to gain more exposure and not the patronage of people like HYR/Inventory (who you stole the post from) and the fact that SuperDenim and Oi Polloi have stocked his shit for years and every other else notable retailer (Oki-Ni, End, Flannels etc) follow Oi Polloi's lead.

Well done, mate.

@OllieDanger said...

Hold up son. You obviously read the post wrong, its plain to see Nigel Cabourn has been around since day, im not trying to come with any 'i was on this shit first vibe'. I've only got to know his work over the past 12 months.

If you're telling me that press for Nigel Cabourn hasnt exploded over the past 6 months then you need to step out that cave.

Olivier said...

I only came across your blog today...I like it, but as I read this post, and came across the word "thorough", I wanted to point out that Tenue de Nimes is actually a Dutch store, based in Amsterdam.

Keep up the good work.