Monday 8 February 2010

Time for Peace - Otis Sommerville Marchbank


I've heard some great music over the past few months, being a part of BNTL i'm spoilt for choice to some of the best mixes on the planet. This mix (or should I say compilation) from my good friend Otis is different though.....sometimes all you want to do is kick back and be taken away...

Listen HERE.

Dont take my word for it though, this is what people with musical intellect had to say about the compilation...

I'm a tough guy ... you know, I don't easily get moved, definitely not the sentimental type, but upon hearing this mix I almost cried ... It is possibly one of the most beautiful, aurally stimulating 56 minutes I've had in a long time. Otis sprung this one out of nowhere and I seriously haven't stopped listening to it since... gorgeous. Guido Fawkes (NutsToSoup)

Not sure if words will do this one justice...adjectives defy me. Like all good journeys, make sure you're emotionally and mentally prepared before you embark. This mix will take you places you never even dreamed of. Danna Takako (Fabric London)

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