Tuesday 16 March 2010

Arena 1995 - Massimo Osti

There's not many designers out there that I respect more than I respect Massimo Osti. The guys innovation and contribution to the world of design is unmatchable.

I stumbled across some scans from an issue of Arena from 1995. The feature was on Massimo Osti and is a great read for anyone interested in garment technology. Massimo was a designer who wasn't interested in fashion but the science that went into making clothes. He introduced many materials to the fashion industry and raised the bar every time he put pen to paper...


osti 1

osti 2

osti 3

osti 4

osti 5

Click the image for larger size.

All images were found on 80's Casuals, a site well worth a read.


Nick said...

it's a great blog, have you seen the book??? I need it! also check out - it's a great casual reference

Anonymous said...

good stuff.

more posts about clothes

less annoying videos with autoplay which are turning people off in droves from checking bntl

Anonymous said...

your annoying content.Shut up.

Anonymous said...

the guys got a serious point though..