Friday 26 March 2010

Banksy - Exit Through The Gift Shop

Finally got round to seeing this movie yesterday "better never than late" no puns intended. Expecting to see a film enriched with the mysterious world of Englands most loved art export (banksy).

But one cannot lie, I left the movie feeling disappointed and cheated. You know like when you go to the chicken and chip shop and buy 5 hot wing and chips, you leave the shop and look in your box and find the guy only put 4 wings in !
Well in my case Banksy was the Asian chicken man behind the till and I was that hungry guy after some chicken.

A movie which was labeled "a film by Banksy" and highly promoted like it like a film about the man, barely had anything on the man. And most likely wasn't even edited down by him. A few sarcastic funny comments off man here and there, but that was about it.

The movie was more about mister brainwash a french man who I think slyly has a obsessive and compulsive nature
and films everything in his path which at night includes some of the greatest well known street artist ever. It also tells the tail on how mister brainwash managed to fool a whoooole load of people into thinking he was some fully fledged street artist, eventually going on to selling thousands of dollars worth of work with no real history. blah blah blaaah.

Thinking more about it, maybe its just me being anal and expecting to much.
nah f*ck that I was cheated !

If I buy a ticket to watch a movie titled "Long Haired Midgets in Mongolia" I expect to see a movie about long haired midgets in Mongolia ! wouldn't you ?

Even though I feel cheated it was a good movie, that gave a healthy insight into the world of "street art" from what some may say were its humble beginnings.

So if your looking to do something over this Easter period, make sure you go check it out. Just know if your a banksy fan this isn't really a film about the man.

It isn't in a large amount of cinemas, so to find the closet theater near you showing it just (click)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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bam. said...

i think you're missing the point. to me, brainwash is a real life banksy work. by fooling the pompus art community, he reflects on the hype surrounding his work - graffiti isn't about fame or money, it's about a message.