Sunday 28 March 2010

Dickies - Selvedge Denim






This year Dickies are stepping out of the shadows. We've seen a new workwear brand launch every week and everyone is claiming they use the 'best materials' and the 'best production'. Starting to get a bit played out if you ask me, maybe its what things have come down to in this day and age. Anyway my love for Dickies isnt just because they have stuck to what they believe in and kept things simple, what I also love about Dickies is the history of the brand and how it has been taken on by many sub cultures to form part of their uniforms.

This year Dickies are set to reclaim their position as the number one workwear brand in the world. I was lucky enough to get sent some of the denim Dickies have put together, the denim will NOT go on sale but are like a 'this is what we can do' sort of release.

The quality of denim is probably one of the best I have felt and everyone I've shown has strongly agreed. The cotton used to make the denim is Zimbabwean, known by all denim enthusiasts as the best location on the planet for cotton as it has the ideal climate for growing.

The Selvage denim is woven in Japan on the vintage shuttle looms to make them superior in durability, texture and touch.

The denim is then cut by a few select, small town family-run denim manufacturers in Japan that only lend their skills to Dickies and no other American workwear brand. This means the final creation is truly unique to Dickies.

This production really shows the world what Dickies really stand for. The process and attention to detail for this one piece is an indication of what Dickies is capable of. Delving into your heritage is just not good enough anymore, looking forward and the way you re-appropriate old styles is the tricky part and will no doubt separate the pioneers from the pretenders.


Anonymous said...

'fit pic or it didn't happen, bruv.

@OllieDanger said...

Not that guy to do a fit pic but they do fit really well if you wanna take my word for it. The cut is very straight which i'm not used to but i've been told some of the other guys who got them have done the wet shrink and they came out nice.

Anonymous said...

Dickies started in 1922, so I'm not sure where you got the 80 year anniversary from?

Anonymous said...

damn i'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

It says 1922 on the label?

@OllieDanger said...

Ignore that. Late night posts aint the one.

Eugene B Leaver said...

It is a bit of a struggle to get Dickies denims here in the UK we get all the dickies work trousers 7 work clothing but it's a knightmare getting the jeans and more stylish stuff.