Wednesday 3 February 2010

Destroy London Varsity Jacket

Holdtight extended family member Loren aka tina turner over aka mama Work It and her partner Sara, for being selected for Nike's Destroyer london varsity jacket campaign.


Here is there story . . .
“We basically started Work It because nobody was playing Biggie and we just wanted to dance, have a laugh and everything was a bit serious in terms of music when you went out. It was all a bit boring and we wanted to hear Mya, or Lil Kim and no-one was playing it. At first it was very much just our friends, it was like a house party, and I think Visions was a real find because the venue is really important. It’s just like low budget, easy-going, cheap drinks and then by the third one it got out of control. It was more about dancing than standing around and posing which is what a lot of the places we were going to were like so it was a breath of fresh air and that’s why it took off.

Our top tunes can change all the time because we’re there every month, so the favourite ones at the beginning can wear out a bit. But something that always fills the floor is Biggie ‘Hypnotise’… there are winners that we call emergency tunes. A song I’m really into at the moment is Mase ‘Bad Boys’ that seems to be a crowd pleaser. We played Whitney Houston ‘I’m Every Woman’ at Selfridges and all the women in the crowd, even the old ones down to the kids were really getting into it. The video’s amazing because Whitney’s pregnant at the time and then its like got all these female artists in it like TLC, Chaka Khan…"

for further info just check out the Work it website (click).

The rest of the few selected.



For further information on the other selected "creatives" just go to (Dazed Digital)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Anonymous said...

where can i get the london jacket?

Anonymous said...

Nike 1948 store. Down shorditch.
If you don't know the address google it.

Watford Plumber said...

I really like the jacket with the gold collar the blue one isn't too bad either !

Anonymous said...

wgy would a plumber from watford want a jacket with london on the back?