Monday, 1 March 2010

Manchester na na naaaa

Manchester's outerwear game is STRONG. The boys up there have been on that since day one, its not fashion for them its staple. Apologies for the pictures, only had my phone at hand...
Some of the stores worth checking out if you ever make the trip...

Oi Polloi is an obvious starting point. Tooooo many good brands to mention and the next 12 months for these guys is looking mammoth....
Bags of Flavour is a mix mag of a shop, stocking some great vintage and deadstock pieces from 80's sportwear to 70's workwear. Clocked some nice Troop gear, Mountain Equipment, Adidas, Carhartt plus more...
This store doesn't even need a name, located in the Northern Quarter stocking vintage Ralph, Champion, Woolrich, Lacoste, Pendleton amongst many other noteable brands...
Thomas St Post Office are holding it down nicely with the streetwear and casual gear. Brands include Staple, Undefeated, Carhartt and Gourmet...
Wild card entry is a spot called Afflex Palace a sort of multi floored street market but again some amazing finds can be had in there. Peeped some killer C.P Company, Berghaus and L.L. Bean.

It needs to be said that all the staff in all these stores are a credit to Manchester.

Bun the night out though, admittedly I went to the wrong place but walking through the street was like a Girls Aloud 'make the band' competition.

Thanks to C.S and family for the guided tour and great company.


Anonymous said...

This beggars belief

As a viewer from the North i have never read so much twoddle in my life..

'Outerwear' a Manc 'stapple'....its fashion, just like it is darn sarf.

People were not walking around in ANY of the lables made popular by Oi Poi 2 or even 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

aren't you even gonna show or tell us what you bought then?

Ollie Danger said...

The meaning of the word fashion back in the day is a lot different to the meaning of the word today.

I work with plenty of older dudes who work in this trade from the north and they go out their way to say they dont work in 'fashion' but use sort of words like the rag trade. We obviously move in different circles.

I bought an Undefeated tee, Dickies shirt, (more) Timberland boots, Vintage Levi Jeans, A down vest, Woolly jumper. That information isnt that interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ollie, we really don't move in different circles.

The Oxford Dictionary has never once redefined the word 'fashion', meaning it meant nothing different in the 1980's or 2010.

What has happened is people, like yourself, mix fashion with style, which is 2 different things.

What Oi Poi are doing is fashion, if they are shying away from the word then they are bigger pricks than the shop staff make them appear.

Anonymous said...

ollie - actually that info is interesting and it would've been good to have seen pix of your buys in the post.

especially the levi's..lvc or a proper vintage pair?

Anonymous said...

What night did you go to in the end?