Monday 1 March 2010

Spinwell 'Very Well' Tee

Now I'm definitely not one for the fixed gear bike but there's one blog out there that manages to grab my attention. Spinwell is devoted to giving its readers the newest and oldest information and imagery on fixies on the web. From the latest products to the oldest magazine scans Spinwell creator Gavin Campbell devotes his spare time (whilst he's not riding of course) to keeping the blog fresh, interesting and unique. Now for the info on the tee..

The 'Very Well' logo is number two of the Spinwell Projects series (No.1 being the sold out 'Bobble Beanie') and is a spin off of the blog's title and also alludes to the feeling of well being that comes from a winter of training through rain and snow on two wheels. Whatever way you want to take it the shirt is banging.

Designed by Gavin Campbell the author of Spinwell, a blog hailing from out of Birmingham and dedicated to all surrounding cycling and cycle culture. Limited to 25 pieces only.

Buy yours now from the SPINWELL STORE. Alternatively there are a small quantity available at the Tokyo Fixed Gear store for the London heads.

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who gives a shit, its a nice tshirt