Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Day With: All Caps

A brief insight into the new All Caps London collection for those that missed it at the reset. Check out more of the collection HERE.

Big up
Rude Kid and the Second to None crew.


Joe said...

I'm sorry but the ALL CAPS stuff posted up on here looks terrible.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the type of stuff you get on market stalls, the quality of the hoodies/ crewnecks and t shirts looks so poor.

Anonymous said...

All Caps stuff used to look alrite, i liked that vodka jumper they did but fuck me they've got lost somewhere.

what did they turn over at Reset?

They also look like they've been run on some fruit of the loom shit.

Anonymous said...

white tee tudekid has is hard

Anonymous said...

Big up All Caps, i think the AC graphic looks good.

Anonymous said...

fruit of the loom?

Anonymous said...

^ yeah, its a t-shirt brand son ^

google it.