Monday, 7 June 2010

Iphone 4

Ok Steve, you got me. I've tried to remain loyal to RIM and stay true to my Blackberry but I've given up and I'm converting faith (partly thanks to Whatsapp).

Apple announced the Iphone 4 today saying its a device "that will change the way we communicate, forever". My mind flicks back to the launch of the 3 network and their video phones, but I'll let that slip so Apple can have the limelight..

Boasting "Retina Display" giving incredibly sharp high resolution images with more pixels than ever. A smaller but more powerful processor, longer battery life, 5mp camera with a flash, HD video and big enough storage to interest me.

But I ask, is this revolutionary? Is this pushing boundaries? Or is it what Apple should have on the Iphone merely to make it competitive. Yes it will offer an extremely enjoyable user interface but the features that are being boasted about are what I would expect and demand from any device or phone when I choose to upgrade.

So thank you Apple for this wonderful piece of technology, it is everything I need on a phone and more and yes it will keep me entertained on the bus, train or plane but ground breaking? I'm not so sure.


John said...

The video phone thing is not the most amazing thing, we have had vidoe phones before as mentioned in the article, they are not that practical if your walking about, and if im at home i would use skype because its free.

The 4G technology is the crazy thing, it splits the wirless connection so you can multi app. But a little knowledge i have been given is that this is like a tester 4g iphone, the next generation iphone will have NFC chip inside it,apple have already filed patents for its use, which means that you can pay for items with your phone just like an oyster card by swiping it. They already have this technology is japan apparently. which means as much as i like the 4g im waiting until mk2 comes out in 2011/12...

The_C-Stylez said...

I agree totally.
Plus Apples "aren't we wonderful" adverts make me cringe and turn me off to their products so much... Leaves one feeling bitter at their smugness.

witalit said...

Nothing currently beats the iPhones they look sexy while being one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Seriously fuck Nokia, fuck Sony, Fuck Motorola and all them other swag companies. APPLE RULE!