Monday, 14 June 2010

Xbox E3 - Project Natal - Kinect

So Xbox decided to take me out to LA for the worlds biggest gaming conference. The invite came out of the blue as the only real game I ever played was Street Fighter back back in the day (dabbled a bit with Halo in recent years still).

Landed on Friday and checked into the Biltmore and kind of didnt know what to expect from then on in. Everyone I've spoke to said this event will blow my mind. Since then I've been ferried around from preview to preview. Last night saw the launch of Xbox's new toy called 'Kinect' and let me tell you now that this piece of tech is gonna change the world. Some next next crazy console without controllers. Feels like some Matrix x The Jetson's sort of stuff.

Imagine playing a full range of games with the movement of your body and speech. The Nintendo Wii came with something close but 'Kinect' is like the Tier 0 daddy. The games that they've previewed with it look okay but the platform is there now for developers to go mad with.

I flopped on the pictures but here's a youtube video of the console...

For all you hardcore gamers there are 100's of better write ups hitting the web so go get your fill.

The real fun starts tomorrow at the E3 Show. I already peeped the new Mortal Kombat so looking forward to getting stuck into that.

Expect an 'Out & About' from this whole trip soon.

Also tweeting throughout this trip @olliedanger.


Got handed this gadget when I landed. Wireless 3g in your pocket anywhere you go....checking emails on the beach like its nothing. Need one.


Tickle said...

The truest player

Anonymous said...

check out metal gear solid 5 for me please

Thomas Crown said...


Ollie Danger said...

Metal Gear solid looks NUTS. This next year of releases are looking good. Assassins Creed is another show stopper.