Monday 14 June 2010

Nono - Zebra

In recent times Christian Louboutain has become one of favorite choices of footwear.
There's a hint of undercover stunting when your wearing a pair of Louboutain mens sneakers in public. As they are only known to a few, those that do know about them have a deep obsessive appreciation for the supreme quality and hand construction of each and every shoe produced.

This fur zeebra print pair just increases my appreciation and obsession, and are a must pick up for myself.


Part of the A/W collection, which drop this week I beleive (dont quote me on it though) down at their boutiques on Mount St and Motcomb st.

For further information on Christian Louboutain check out the website by just a (click)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

they just look like a pair of KEEP shoes!