Wednesday, 4 August 2010

"I'm Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund, Paul Akin."

To mark the very recent release of ‘Speaking in Tongues’ and the recent reigniting of the Dipset hype, with the discussion of a third Diplomatic Immunity album, I felt it was about time to put together a quick post on the man in the centre of it all; Cam’ron.

From the early stages of Cam’ron’s career he was never short of meeting and working alongside leading figures in the rap industry. He went from rapping in the mid 1990’s alongside one of New Yorks’s all time finest; Big L and being introduced to Biggie’s manager to being signed at the turn of the millennium by Roc-A-Fella Records.

Before the signing at Roc-A-Fella, Cam’ron released S.D.E. on Epic records headed at the time by ex-husband of Mariah Carey; Tommy Mottola. This album most notably featured ‘Let Me Know,’ and ‘What means the world to you,’ which featured the main sample from the classic hit; ‘Roxanne,’ by The Police.

In 2002 he came with the most successful album of his career; ‘Come Home With Me,’ which hosted the hit singles, ‘Oh Boy,’ and ‘Hey Ma,’ both which featured Juelz Santana and reached top 5 positions in the US Hot 100. The album itself charted at number 2 and sold 1.7 million copies in the US alone.

Two years later he released my favourite album out of his discography, ‘Purple Haze.’ Although it didn’t sell nearly as many singles or albums as his previous release, I think overall it definitely had a lot more hard hitting rap tracks. Pitchfork Media even claimed it was the second best rap album in 2005.

After the release of ‘Purple Haze,’ Cam’ron’s focus moved more towards his side projects such as his work with The Diplomats on the ‘Diplomatic Immunity,’ volumes, his acting career and his departure from Roc-A-Fella Records for the Warner Music Group under the Asylum Records imprint.

Furthermore in the years following the release of ‘Purple Haze,’ Cam’ron more often than not found himself caught up in various feuds with other rappers, in potentially life threatening shootings and acting in a number of films alongside a stack of other projects.

To conclude here’s 3 of my favourites from Cam.

And finally if only just for the Araab Muzik production ... 'LA LA LA BAMBA'

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