Tuesday, 31 August 2010

PlayStation Game Runners

To celebrate the launch of PlayStation Move this autumn, Bntl and a selected few other blogs are currently working with PlayStation and some of London's brightest youth.
In the aim to open up the magic box of creativity and to channel their skills to co- create social games that will be played by their peers and the wider public. These games will be inspired by PlayStation Move which is launching in September.

The creative starting point is to create games which are social, fun and competitive. And then allow some of the youth to work with the various blogs to share and blog there progress, thus far.

below is the written blog entry from Zane and his time on the project thus far.


Right now Im involved in The PlayStation Game Runners Project where we are creating an ‘interactive’ game for people like you to play.
During this project we were sent to PlayStation headquarters where we play tested PlayStation's new hardware… The PlayStation Move… which uses motion sensors to get the user more involved in the game.
We entered the building based in Central London and found ourselves waiting in reception to all be given visitor badges… As we went up the lift trying to guess what angle The PlayStation Move will come from. After a couple technical hiccups we were able to get a hands on experience of the PlayStation move and how it works.

The first game was a lot like the mini games featured on PlayStation Eye Toy and most of the others were based on sports. One game that particularly caught my attention was Kung Fu Riders where you play as a man skating in desk chair while dodging obstacles performing tricks and dodging Japanese yakuza.

The PlayStation Move Is set for release in September 2010 and should be on everyone’s wish list. We… at The PlayStation Game Runners Project are creating interactive games that involve physical activity (much like The PlayStation Move).
We have designed three different games… but… we can only produce one… but which one, well leave that to you… soon you'll be able to vote for what game you want to play. the below is a quick round up of the games.

Blocks Basic strategy game where players build blocks to score points… the loser is whoever makes the tower of blocks fall… much like Jenga.

Flag Tag Similar to noughts and crosses but tweaked to add mire suspension and fun.

Urban Hoopz Hunt and gather balls and shoot in hoops to score points accordingly. Don’t forget to vote for your winner. J Zane Palmer

for further info check out the facebook group by just a (click)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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