Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kozzie - Destruction (Spartan Vocal)


It's not often that I take much notice and feel the need to report on the MC talent within the grime scene as it rarely interests me when there's evidently equally as much talent coming from the DJ and producer community.

However I have chosen to comment on Kozzie, who is cleary one of the top figures within the emerging new wave of MC's that are grabbing everyone's attention at recent stage shows and radio appearances, and his 'Spartan' vocal.

With his recent free download entitled 'Back Again' produced by Lewi White, along with his various performances alongside P.Money and Blacks there is no denying that he is definitely one name on a lot of peoples lips at the moment

He definitely didn't fail in demonstrating his high effort rate this time round with his latest offering and it looks like he won't be disappointing any time soon.

The powerful 'Spartan' instrumental itself has been getting battered by Spooky, and recently various other DJs, for over a year now but it's only in the past few months that the majority of people have really started to pay attention to it and begun asking about vocals and release dates.

If vocals and instrumentals within the grime scene continue along this same vein in the coming months things will most certainly remain very healthy.

Catch Kozzie alongside a host of other MCs and DJs this Saturday at the Old Blue Last for Rude Kid's 'Hypnotize' EP launch party.

Check the flyer in the 'Events' section for full info about the night.

Spooky - 'Spartan' is forthcoming on NO HATS NO HOODS

Photo Credit : Will Robson Scott



Anonymous said...

what bout mcs lik fingas, trubble, zane, hepo, tall and misty. proper

Anonymous said...

Has this guy got downs?

Anonymous said...

And also bubble, florz, squeak, rappar, dilly, waykon, giffy and loads more

Anonymous said...

I will ask once again. Does this young man have downsyndrome?