Thursday, 19 August 2010

TrendLand present Take a Walk

I think you can only really tell if a person carries off their style if you hear them speak and watch them look for that air of confidence.

Found this video on
this blog and it's definitely the next step in street style. Street style has morphed into an ugly monster over the years. I remember the likes of The Face and early iD dropping straight up and down shots in their mag which were always on point. Now as you know we've got countless sites dedicated to street style but the people all look like extra's and not real 'off the street' people.

The idea behind this video is great, you as a viewer are invited to see who's really got that untouchable steez.

Asian chick at 1.17 gets my vote...

Take a Walk: NYC #1 from TrendLand on Vimeo.

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