Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Been after one of these for years.

As much as I love cycling the British weather isn't to be messed with, go up against it and you'll lose everytime. This winter im switching tactics. The buses and tubes just aint for me.

Picked up this yesterday and i'm well pleased with it...

Picture 2

Was close to getting this one as well...

Picture 4

Picture 6

This late 70's Slovenian 'Wonderped' will see a top speed at a blindingly quick 30 mph, you can get about 120 miles out of one tank which will cost you less than a fiver to fill. No test needed just 'get on and go' as they say. Cheap insurance and simple parts that are simple to replace.

Anyone know of any Tomos motorcycle gangs in the area?


Anonymous said...

..and a big chance of getting mowed down by a truck.

Anonymous said...

ahh Ollie, you make me laugh blud.

You reckon you'll ride this with ya one piece tracksuit?


Anonymous said...


Rory said...

thats a great look Ollie!

Anonymous said...

^^^^... Take your tongue out his ass, thats soooooo what Ollie wanted to hear i bet you!

Anonymous said...

haha its gona get jacked just like his bike