Friday, 13 August 2010

Nike 1:love

I always get baffled when I talk to people who come back from a NYC holiday and the only thing they seemed to do was shop and spend all there time in Manhatten, doing dry shit they would have done if they were still back in London.
I just end up thinking what a shame, you just wasted your time on a good holiday.
Like wise I ain't really to found of NYC's visual representation on tv sitcoms and in various corporate campaigns it just disappoints me 98% of the time.

Personally I find everywhere else in nyc more interesting than Manahatten. There are so many different and crazy stuff to do its ridiculous, step out of Manhatten and there is so many different sides to NYC its mad. (those that know what I'm talking about, will feel the same way)

So when I came across the online
Nike 1:Love videos for for the Nike World Basketball Festival I just fell in love.
Its shot and directed beautifully and give a true representation on
how each borough in NYC is different in style, swag and character without going to over board.
All the videos have some priceless pieces footage in them, weather on purpose or accident I dont know but the director b bgun did his thing with all 5 videos.
ps whoever was in charge of art direction for the graphics is the man. The fonts and illustrations are to sick.Below are all the videos.

1love: Queens

1love: Bronx

1love: Brooklyn

1love: Staten Island

1love: Harlem (my personally favorite, that chicks a beast)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Anonymous said...

It's Manhattan...Are you fucking retarded?

beth said...

okay so im heading over to nyc in a couple of weeks... what do you suggest i reach?

Anonymous said...

LAME, go harlem and queens at night you fassy!

Anonymous said...

We loved this videos and reposted it.


If you want to check it:

Wonder said...

that harlem rapper is camppp star