Tuesday, 29 March 2011

"History of Macabre Unit" Mix // Forthcoming 'Education EP'


Slowly but surely it seems as though the ever increasing demand and request for old grime instrumentals and vocals, that only ever came out on vinyl, to be re-released is finally being taken notice of.

Fairly recently there has been the Avalanche Music series that so far has featured 3 instrumental compilations featuring early and more recent productions from JME, Wiley & Crayzee Banditt.

In a similar way the Macabre Unit have put together an EP of their classic productions, VIP's and unreleased dubplates right from the beginning of their career up to their more recent material as well.

In order to celebrate this fantastic release, DJ T_! has put together a 65 minute "History of Macabre Unit" mix on 3 decks which showcases a whole load of instrumentals and vocal tracks from the crew from 2002 - 2011.

Tracklisting LINK

Download the mix HERE

Demon - Macabre Unit - Twitter

T_! - Macabre Unit - Twitter

ICUAUDIO - To download other Macabre Unit material

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