Thursday, 10 March 2011


Name/Names: Rupert aka Rup aka Roopy Poopy

Where are you from? Where do you Rep?

I'm from the borders of Camberwell and Walworth, SE5/SE17, in sunny South London.

Describe the music you make?

Emotive rap music for the home, car, portable music device or discotheque.

Who do you run with (the camp you rep) ?

Me. I'm affiliated with Hear Today, 27 Beats, Flash Fry and the Super Monday Petchey Academy Gang.

Last person you made music with?

My boy Kams. Check out the tune HERE: and check out the rest of his stuff. Dude is a beast.

Tell us about your latest Release?

I have an album out called Just Woke Up which came out on Hear Today Records in 07, that's still available as a digital download from HERE: I’ve also done a version of the Bananaskins Riddim for Banana Klan which you can cop HERE:

Musical influences?

A whole heap of stuff. 80’s American Hardcore, British Post-Punk, late 90’s UK Hip Hop, Grime, Folk, Metal, Road Rap, UKG, Funky. I could list stuff for ages. It would be boring. I’m not sure how much it all actually influences my lyrics as such but it influences my life. The best thing I’ve heard recently is an EP by a guy called Forest Swords, gothy ethereal electronic with guitars and some R&B thrown in. Whatever I’m reading at the time also filters in, at the moment I’m reading lots of JG Ballard, Iain Sinclair and books about the history of London, I can imagine that stuff influencing whatever I do next.

Favourite item of clothing you own?

My rainbow brimmed New Era, that I can’t wear anymore because it’s too fucked up, has got a lot of memories attached to it. My bargain Paul Smith coat also has to get a shout out.

Your five needs to get high on life?

1.Monday night football.

2.People I care about being around me.

3.Good food.



Favourite meal ?

This is a tough one. There are so many meals. From the humble cafe to the pub roast to the home cooked goodness but I think I’m going to plump for the full curry banquet at Hot Stuff restaurant in Vauxhall. You tell the manager what you like in general then they bring out endless plates of curry, rice, naan bread, pakoras, bhajis and all sorts of other stuff, wash it down with beer from the off licence next door, and then ask for the bill and be pleasantly surprised when they seem to make up some tiny figure off the top of their heads. Amazing. Also got to give some love to the Colombian breakfast spot in Brixton Market. Hangover killing business right there. I like food.

Drink of choice?

Guinness for the long game. Rum and Ginger for the short game.

Best girls body part?

The feely bits and the thinking bits.

Is it better Never, than Late ?

Depends on what it is.

What's set for 2011?

Getting back on music in a big way, recording, writing, performing. I’m not sure if I’m working towards another album or anything, I’m just going to make tunes and see what happens. I’ll be working with Kams, Naim, Gabe from Banana Blan and anyone else forward thinking and up for making music, if anyone reading this wants to work with me give me a shout innit. There are a few projects in the pipeline involving video and I might crack on with some new short stories as well. Also sorting my life out, getting some gwop in, staying away from peng as much as possible, staying alive, that kind of stuff. Real talk.

Listen to Rup HERE

Rup is playing this Friday at the Trip for more info check HERE

Photo By Verity Keefe

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