Monday, 7 March 2011

Nike Heels

In recent months I've had quite a few people approach me and ask me where they can pick up a pair of heeled Nike's. I don't know why I seem to be the go to guy for these, it baffles me.
I'm sure many of you have been tagged in images of these things on facebook. But for those who haven't or are contemplating getting a pair online, please note these things are FAKER than a Liberal Democrats election policies !

Don't be fooled or swayed from what I tell you, there phony, fraudulent, rebors (hood terminology for fake), fabricated and damn right offensive to my eyes.
On one occasion a female even had the cheek to tell me they were real, but were only available via special order at Nike town. smh remember all the devil is a liar !



hell naaaaaah !

Wear the above footwear around me and Ima straight bicycle kick you in your chest. Just so you see common sense and retire them fake wackass heels to the bin !

(disclaimer - i wouldn't really bicycle kick a woman in her chest)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Frank said...

for the record. the second to last ones do actually exist as authentic.
They are the 2006 designed Insa Heels that only recently came to fruition due to it taking a thousand years to get Nike to sign them off and he announced them on his site recently. They only come in 2 colourways:

the rest of those other ones have no 'real' version and are as fake Wrestling.

Anonymous said...

a roundhouse kick would be more suitable.

anentryforthediary said...

hahaha u killed it with the animation at the end! to be honest at first when i see this post i thought...."dont tell me their gunna try make a post as if these kicks are new"....cos i see a chick bussin em quite a while ago and even put a little entry on my ex-blog but boi........what has it come to when people have to make a fake shoe and stick a brand name on it....some true Thai tailorin flex!

Anonymous D said...

i wana see ollie danger in a pair

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We chicks DON'T CARE! They are gorgeous shoes, well made and sooooooo comfortable and sexy. Who cares if Nike don't make them themselves? I own a pair and I love, love, LOVE THEM!

You bunch of Nike Snobs can take a running jump in your trainers.