Monday, 15 August 2011

The 100 Project from Poke

I grew up in a not so long ago age where we were never told by our teachers that there was a career in 'art', it was simply studied in school as an escape from Maths and Science. Over the years the creative industry has exploded and now it's not frowned upon if you opt to go to 'Art School'.

This project from my old employers is incredibly on point. Each year Poke sets its employee's a task under 'Hack Day'. In 2010 the brief was 'Make your neighbourhood a better place' and each team was given £100. The winning team turned their £100 into art school terms for 100 local young people. The 100 Project was born.

This is how they did it:

52 artists, photographers, illustrators and creators have generously donated their work, and each week, a single piece will be auctioned online with a reserve price of £100. All money raised will be put towards The 100 Project fund. And if one piece sells every week throughout the year, we will raise enough money to support 100 local teenagers for a term at The Prince’s Drawing School.

Some of the art donated...


Tim Walker


Alison Carmichael


Steve Price


Stuart Griffiths


Mary McCartney


Levon Bliss


Damien Hirst

I think this project couldn't have come at a better time. Under privileged families are finding it harder and harder to support their children and give them opportunities to excel in many creative industries. This project will immediately help 100 young people but I believe it will set precedence for many other businesses and individuals to follow.

Keep an eye on the site as each week new art will go on sale. You can do that HERE.

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