Monday, 15 August 2011

#BUTTERZ & #HARDRIVE // Cable // 13th August

It is safe to say that this was easily one of the best raves I've been to in a very long while.

If you were there and spent the night in room 1 then you would definitely agree with that.

If you weren't there then you can listen back to what you missed out on whilst making a mental note not to sleep next time.

All sets from start to finish were second to none, but in particular special mention has got to go to Champion who came with yet another flawless selection of up front UK Funky, old school garage and finishing up with a classic grime medley.

Out to Elijah, Skilliam and Terror Danjah for organising another first class event and everyone else I saw down there.

Elijah & Skilliam Butterz Ft Blacks & Bruza

Terror Danjah Ft D Double E & Bruza

Royal - T Ft Merky Ace




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