Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nike 'Forever Forward'

Nike "Forever Forward" is a short film directed by Ryan Hopkinson for 1948, to celebrate Arsenal's 125th anniversary and as an ode to their future. Featuring Spike Lee, Giles Peterson, Ashley Heath and Theo Walcott.

Nike 'Forever Forward' from Ryan Hopkinson on Vimeo.

The film is currently part of an instalation at Nikes 1948 store.

For more info check out Ryan Hopkins' site:


Anonymous said...

piss off witts go back to your indie roots supporting arsenal all of a sudden you use to support the villa

ps does bntl get paid by nike nothing wrong with that but just say so

Anonymous said...

sums arsenal up - supported by 'modern leftie' gimps like giles peterson

Anonymous said...

Did they take it turns to try on the jacket or just turned up to the studio wearing the same.

Anonymous said...

does anyone what the backing track is

Anonymous said...

Walcott is one of the most overrated players ever.