Friday, 5 August 2011

Adidas X footpatrol - Campus 80's version 2

Those of us that remember the glory days of collecting kicks in London. Will remember the Foot-patrol Campus 80. Well Adidas have decided to revisit the shoe and flip in a new release titled B Side Edition.
This is a on going project they've done with a few other "collectible" releases in there back catalog, so far to my knowledge they've touched the bapester.
(The above shoe is the re issue/ b side, the bottom shoe is the original fp campus 80s)


I remember being schooled about the original foot-patrol campus 80 shoe when it came out, and how the fellas tried there best to get the shoe back to its original shape and characteristics. I personally picked up a pair of the yellow ones. There was also two other colors in the pack which were just as nice.

I count these badboys as one of my favorite shoes in my collection. The inclusion of wrist band, head band, snake skin Adidas stripes and Wes's mug on the side of the shoe box just showed a little more love and attention by the big wigs over at F.P.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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