Thursday, 8 December 2011

i-D online: i-Ntroducing Origin London

Shout out to Gabriel putting in the work with Origin London. When I was 17 I thought of myself as being quite entrepreneurial and a bit of a hustler but didn't quite have the guts to start a brand of my own. Anyone that has started trying to do their own DIY project knows all too well of the pitfalls and challenges that lay ahead. It takes a great deal of energy and heart to see the projects through and then keep on coming correct, tirelessly building momentum and always delivering. Hopefully Gabriel will keep his eye on the prize and continue to build Origin in the way he wants and get the success that standing on your own two deserves.

Featured in the video for ID is Nate, one of the more promising talents coming out of the UK scene right now. Big up to Gabriel and all those supporting the young'uns doing it on their own terms.

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