Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Top 5 Camo's - Tiger Stripe - #1

My list of top 5 camo's has come to its finale, the number one camo had to be 'Tiger Stripe'. This incredible pattern was first seen on the Vietnamese soldiers in the Vietnam War in 1955. The camo was designed with the dense jungle environment in mind. The pattern was nicknamed 'Tiger Stripe' because of its similarity to the stripes on a tiger, also sometimes referred to as 'Flame Camo'. The colours are traditionally green and brown but if you're lucky enough to find the pattern with shades of blue (which I think is Tibetan) then you've got your hands on some holy grail camo. The Tiger Stripe pattern is hugely popular with many other countries namely South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Ecuador and even the United Kingdom.

Brands who have done Tiger Stripe justice in the pass have been FUCT, Stussy and 10Deep.


You can see the rest of my Top 5 Camo's here: Choc Chip Camo, Duck Hunter, Rain Camo and Leaf Camo.

That concludes this mini series and I need to say a massive thank you to Rob Mathieson for the illustrations and also the UK camo don's Maharishi for the DPM book which is like a bible and is highly recommended.  

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