Tuesday, 6 December 2011

LOVEBOX / JukeBox vol 1 - Moxie

LOVEBOX kicks off a new series of podcasts with various dj's from around the UK These mixes will be running until June 2012, which is the month of LOVEBOX and will be their 10th year anniversary.

Starting off the series is my homie DJ MOXIE blending a bag of big tunes for your enjoyment. To go along with the mix there's also little interview and overview on moxie, which can be seen (HERE)

What was your first club experience?
When i was in my early teens i would go to a lot of under 18 raves at Camden Palace aka KoKo & Bagelys which used to be a massive club in Kings Cross. That was my first experience of club life where Old School Garage was at it's peak! When i was a bit older i started going to a Hp-Hop night called Kung Fu based at the Underworld in Camden, this is where i saw a lot of djs such as Sarah Love, Harry Love & Shortee Blitz who inspired me to get into music.


Lovebox Jukebox #1 - Moxie by Lovebox Official

1. Dirg Gerner- My Queen (Ho Tep)
2. Rayko Em Vee- Broadway (Lumberjacks In Hell)
3. Sister S- Living Ecstasy (Boots R Us)
4. Fernando- Non Stop (Under The Shade)
5. Behling & Simpson- Left Behind (Future Boogie)
6. Tiger & Woods- Deflowered (Running Back)
7. Axel Boman- Paris 2006 feat. Kornel Kovacs (Play It Down)
8. Oliver $- Granulated Soul (Play It Down)
9. David Glass- Get Busy (Crossworld records)
10. Solid Groove- Throwing Stones (Dubsided)
11. GoldFFinch- Ovale (Numbers)
12. KC Flight- Planet E (Eskimo Recordings)
13. Derrick Carter- Legacy (Dub)
14. Storm Queen- It Goes On (Environ)
15. Wolf & Lamb- Keep Me Up All Night (Dancing) (Wolf & Lamb)
16. Grace Jones- Private Life (Island Records)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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