Thursday, 15 December 2011

The latest listening...

As ever the forums, Twitter and Facebook have been heaving with plenty of listening material and out of the plethora of noise currently in circulation I have extracted 3 particular gems to share with you.

The first of the 3 comes from probably one of the most exciting producers and DJ's of 2011, Champion. If you aren't familiar with his unique Champion sound that has been devastating dancehalls all across the country over the past 12 - 18 months then you have clearly been living in a sealed room.

As an early Christmas present he put together the following mix which was aired on BBC 1Xtra a few days ago. As always expect plenty of up-front material and aggressive mixing techniques. Essential for the iPod!


The second of the mixes comes from the almighty duo of Swindle and Silkie. Since their exceptional collaboration track "Untitled" forthcoming on Butterz, there has been an element of speculation surrounding their future projects together. With this idea in mind Mixmag got the two to team up for their "Mix of the week" and as you would expect the end result was first class.

As Mixmag have accurately said in the text that accompanies the mix on their website "If you're sick of wobble and bored of flaccid mid range synths, then this is the perfect antidote."


Full article HERE


The last of the mixes could be seen as yet another early Christmas present from Philadelphia's very own Starkey and Dev 79. This particular recording is an exclusive from 2005 when Jammer, D Double E and Ears all performed in Philly at Vice's launch party for one of grime's monumental compilations; "Run The Road."

This recording holds a great importance for the simple fact that at the time this particular club night was one of the first monthly parties in America to play predominantly grime music.

Download this recording HERE

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