Tuesday 13 December 2011

Photographer: Randy Fox

One of my favourite photography books Americans 1940 - 2006 portrays the humbled individual and the varying landscapes of a slum world left to its own devices. Ever since finding this a couple of years ago, I've always kept an eye out for photographers who capture America's bleak landscape. The peeled and dishevelled gloss of 50s America, be it signs, architecture or sleepy towns forgotten by a 21st Century world always capture my imagination. Randy Fox is a noteworthy exponent, a photographer that explores a decaying left post-industrial Mid West. Fox is also the man behind American Elegy, a site dedicated to "the photographers and artists that effectively capture the bittersweet trajectory of American culture and existence." Check out some of Randy Fox's images below and make sure you check out American Elegy for great interviews and phenomenal photographers.





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