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Anthony Wilkingsonr1
Fine art lover. Roof-top shooter. Private view card collector.
The Wilkinson gallery began in Anthony’s, the founder's, living room.  There was once a small factory on Vyner Street and now it is now in a 6000 sq ft purpose-built art space. It was designed by the architect Bobby Desai, but the gallery first officially opened on Cambridge Heath road in 1998. In 2000 Anthony joined with co-director Amanda Wilkinson. 

Since it's inception the gallery has held a number of important exhibitions, such as the infamous installations of the renowned feminist performance artist, Joan Jonas. George Shaw has been represented by the gallery since the early days and was nominated for the Turner prize this year.  Last Summer the gallery held an exhibition by Shimabuku, entitled ‘My Teacher Tortoise’.  An actual, real-life tortoise lived in the gallery for 6 weeks. Kids still come into the gallery and ask if its still here.

Anthony, has been collecting private view cards - those invitations to devour free drink and art in equal measure at exhibition openings - since the mid-90s. This collection is full of weird, wonderful and notable things. Each week we'll give you a private view into the private views. The art, parties, exhibits and random stuff of interest from varying years, plus a recommendation for the forthcoming week. Enjoy.
2007: Wilkinson Gallery - Opening of new galley space
AK DolvenR1
2003: AK Dolven - The Meal @ Wilkinson Gallery
ak dolven 2

2002: AK Dolven: - ‘between the morning and the handbag’ @ Royal Academy of Arts
The original AK Dolven exhibition was exhibited in the old gallery. Nine years later and off Hackney road we re-staged it, albeit somewhat haphazardly, in the new gallery space - now the biggest gallery on the street. Winning.
larry clark + chloe

LEFT 2002: Rapture: Art’s Seduction by Fashion since 1970 @ Barbican
RIGHT 1994: Larry Clark @ Karsten Schubert
When I was in New York I shared a Yoga class with Chloe Sevigny (left), the one from the film Kids, directed by Larry Clark. I've just got back and found these two private view cards in the same box. 
Unconsious Tokyo
1994: Nobuyoshi Araki - Unconscious Tokyo: Tokyo Cube @ White Cube
Iranian Film Festival

1998: March @ ICA
Nice to see Iranian film getting shown. Would be nice if London could host something similar in today's climate. Most Iranian images shown nowadays are on the telly constantly feeding us anti-Iran, pro-war bullshit. 


2002: Cornford & Cross Unrealised: Projects 1997 – 2002 @ Nylon (Now 10 Vyner St)
Santiago Sierra

2002: Santiago Sierra @ Lisson Gallery London
2000: 160 cm Line Tattooed on 4 People courtesy of Santago Sierra
Santiago's work is politically charged and controversial - he once paid heroin-addicts the price of a shot of heroin to tattoo them, then tattooed a 160cm line across their backs. If  you head down to Lisson Gallery, they are in their last week of another Santiago Sierra exhibition. Dedicated to the Workers and Unemployed shows Sierra’s new work and some of his films.
Jeremy Deller

1993: Jeremy Deller @ Centre 181 Gallery
This is a Jeremy Deller exhibition in his early days. He held his first exhibition in his bedroom at his parent’s house. He currently has a major retrospective at the Hayward gallery. Definitely moved up in the art world... better designed invites as well.

Tate Openingr1
2000: Tate Modern - Opening
Surely the hottest ticket - imagine going to the opening of the Tate Modern. Check out the bit about being able to smoke in the in the Tate... but only in the Café... and only on level 2.
This Week
Harm van den Dorpel
This week the Wilkinson is having an opening! Makiko Kudo and Harm van den Dorpel are displaying two solo exhibitions. Whilst Kudo’s paintings are rooted in classical Japanese imagery and modern European painting, Dorpel’s work is a reflection of networked culture and using a variety of media reflects the trans-dimensional nature of our digital age.

Thursday 1st March 6 - 9 pm @ Wilkinson Gallery, 50-58 Vyner St.

Composed by Jayden & Ella  

Wilkinson gallery is situated at 50-58, Vyner Street, London, E2 9DQ. It's founder Anthony Wilkinson has collected private view cards since the mid 90s. New exhibitions opening this March 1st are Makiko Kudo and Harm van den Dorpel. Open wednesday to Sunday: 1100-1800. Sunday: 1200-1800. Follow on Twitter & check them out on Facebook.

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