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I met the homie Mattron through a mutual friend Tommy (A-List) who introduced me to Mattron's music couple years back. Since then dude has been working hard on his debut beat tape titled 'Personaltape / Pants Morgan Money Tape' which has just dropped and is up for FREE download from Mattron's bandcamp or HERE. I been pushing his beats on my Sub.FM show for some time now and I'm fully backing my don's sound.

We finally caught up on Skype to put together this interview for BNTL..

So, firstly who are you?
Mattron. haha, I wish I had a rad name.

Where do you reside?
Long Island, New York. Not much to say about the island, especially Suffolk County. There's absolutely shit to do here, hahah.

Whats your daily routine?

Get up at like 1:00 PM, (if I have work,) I go there and hate everything about it- come home, try and make some music, eat shitty oven pizza, watch adult swim, end up getting to sleep at like 4/5 in the morning, wake up, do it all again. If there's no work involved then I'm usually out doing as much as I can before I have to go back to that.

Is there anything you hate more than work?

Mac Miller, and Kreayshawn. I'd work at my shit job every second of my life if it meant they couldn't make music anymore. I really wish Kreayshawn wasn't relevant....

What's your take on all these artist's right now?

White boy swag rappers, suck a fat dick. Weird pill popping hoe rappers, suck multiple fat dicks. Oh, and everyone trying to rap by recording their shit on your built in mac microphone in garage band.... Stop that, please.
The only person who can record vocals on their built in Macbook microphone is Lil B.

Is Lil B someone you'd work with, Is there anyone you're feelin' or would like to jump on a beat?
If I started making beats that could fit Lil B, I would tweet at him nonstop to try and get him to work with me, hahaha. And I dunno, I'm feeling a lot of heads right now but I'm very picky about MC's on my music.

Any MC's you are you have worked with?
Right now I'm working with an MC who goes by Sidewalk Kal, I think he fits my shit perfectly.

How did that come around?
He actually hit me up on Soundcloud, at first I was a dickhead about it because I automatically assume most MC's on Soundcloud are gonna be wack, and I put it off. But I decided to check him out and his shit was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Do you have a prized possession(s)?

Hmm, my MPD (And my records, monitors, microphone, computer, and my PS2.)

Whats the last thing you regret?
Hahah, fuck... Probably putting the track 'Generous' on my beat tape...
Or not buying the only pair of Adidas Busenitz in my size while they were $60

Yo, thats my jam! Whats your most worn item from your wardrobe?
My Puma Liga Suede Classics. $45, hoe. Fuck all you weirdos buying kicks for like $100+, SMART SHOP OR DIE, COUPONS FOR LIFE. I actually have never used a coupon, though. I feel like that would make me instantly old.

Hahaha. What has been your best find so far?
Ha, not sure. probably this like... Soccer button up I got for $10 the other day shah.

So, going back to the beat tape you just dropped. How long have you been working on the idea of a beat tape?
I actually thought up the name and got the idea for it like a year and a half ago, but I kept putting tracks on / taking them off, I wasn't comfortable with putting alot of shit on it. technically, since I put the first track (Kough) on, I've been working on it for like 4 months or something. Maybe less, maybe more.

The artwork is dope, is this designed by you, is art/design important to you?
Nah, the artwork was done by my homie Dfkt/Moonkid from the UK. Artwork is definitely important. For me, atleast... It wraps up / finishes a tape or album nicely.

Who do you rep?
Bricksquad, hahaha... nah- GOK, Guns of Kingston. The homie Raja started it up. #GOK2012

So GOK is your team, how did this come about?
Well, my homie Joe is good friends with Raja, he had put me on to Raja a while back (when he was going by Infinitirock) and I started talking to him through Joe, I got introduced to everyone on the team (Cayman, Starchild, etc.) and pretty much he told me that he was starting a collective up, and he wanted to put me down. so that's that. Everyone on the team is doing really rad shit too, especially Raja, he is just fucking crazy.

Are you all producing music? If so, would you say the collective has a sound?
Yeah for the most part, except for Joe. He just sits around and draws Animals in crayon on shit, no one actually knows why he's in GOK. But we all love him. (Kiddin, luv u.) Myself, Cayman and Raja are producing music. The sounds are similar in some ways, and different in alot of ways.

Long Island/New York lifestyle, does it influence you at all?
Not that I know of. I hate / love NY, it's boring as fuck here now. I can't really pick out specific things about NY that influence me, hahah.

Is there anything that you'd say has influenced you, musically/mentally/spiritually?
Musically… So much shit has influenced me. When I was like 9 years old my brother would give me old ass Jungle and Hip Hop cassettes / records. A lot of that was my introduction to making music, like a lot of that stuff was the first to make me really wanna start fucking around and making beats myself.

You're brothers influences got you making beats, do you still use those techniques today?
Well yeah, cause I chopped my first break up trying to make jungle on his piece of shit PC. I learned a lot of things while trying to make music, but never got serious about it until like a year or two later.

Who you been listening to recently?
Recently I've been on the A$AP band wagon, haha. but other than that... alot of Matthewdavid, Dabrye, old Triple Six Mafia, Mark Aubert, a lot of old Loefah again, Herbie Hancock, AND RICK ROSS AND GUCCI MANE. and Max Roach. To name a few…Oh and one more, Dem Hunger.

Anything planned for future releases and colabs?
Right now, (definitely) two new tapes are in the works. Maybe a third under a new alias with another producer... But I don't wanna say too much about that.

Finally, any shout out's?
Definitely… Shouts to Raja, Cayman, Joe and the rest of the GOK team, Sidewalk Kal, Helix, my ladyfriend, Raj (ODESSA) your stank ass, everyone else who fucks with me, oh and Gucci Mane... and all of Bricksquad.. AND GANGSTA BOO, I LOVE YOU GIRL. oh and Keith Sweat. and all the other homies I missed, you know who you are.OH AND DAVID DUCHOVNY and BNTL.

Thanks for your time homie!
Thank you, G.

So that's that. Shouts to Mattron for the artwork/photo's. For more on Mattron check here;

'Personaltape / Pants Morgan Money Tape' Download -
Soundcloud -
Bandcamp -
Twitter -!/Mattronoatmeal



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Herbie Hancock - synth
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