Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Suede Bomber

Growing up the suede bomber was probably owned by your dad or uncle, it was one of those garments you never took real notice of. Then as you grow taller you might flick through family photo's and see your favourite uncle and think...'damn, Uncle Geoffrey looks mad cool'. So you set about looking for a bomber because now your on that 'mature' s**t, then comes that moment of realisation...suede bombers cost a bomb.

Jokes and stories aside i've been searching for a good suede bomber for years. If you find the right shape the price will be banana's, then if you find the right price it will fit like a pear.

For those of you in the market for a bomber here are my favourite...

Edwin Amp Tramp




Supreme (undeniably my favourite piece from SS/12)



The_C-Stylez said...

Suede bombers are really nice. They look and feel great.

The only caveat I'd voice is that they're notoriously delicate when it comes to the elements etc.

I used to rock one, similar to the supreme one, and put it on the back of my chair one night in the pub... only to find the tip of the sleeve had been touching the floor and had soaked up a puddle of stale beer like a shammy cloth.

After that it was game over. Gutted.

Keep up the good work, BNTL!

@OllieDanger said...

Yeah I hear you.

That mix of sweat, alcohol and dirt have seen off many'a garment over the years.

Cloakrooms are there for a reason!

Anonymous said...

norse projects have got a suede bomber as well, definitely worth looking.

@OllieDanger said...

Yeah I peeped the Norse Projects bomber but it looks like it doesn't hang properly, thats where a lot of brands go wrong with the bomber imo. It looks like its wet and dripping off you.